2005 / 6 mins

DIY horror film about a lonely man and the insides that are about to come out!

Director: Dan Gitsham

Producers: Dan Gitsham & Andrea McCormick
Writers: Dan Gitsham & James Driver 

Cast: Martin Murphy, Yasmin Sheikh

'With masterful tension-building, the film quickly escalated into a terrific chamber piece of horror...'


Festivals & Screenings

 Bang Short Film Festival 2005, UK
Can Short Film Festival 2007, UK
Flixation 2007, UK
Opensource 2007, UK
Exploding Cinema 2007, UK
Wildcard 2007, UK
Slack Video 2007, UK
Wax n Reels 2008 (Bristol, UK)
Strawberry Fair Film Festival 2008, UK, (& best of 2008 screening)
Portobello Film Festival 2008, UK
The Bristol Festival 2009, UK
Strawberry Shorts @ Fordham Festival 2010, UK