Photos by Alex Jefferis

Interview with TWELVE CABINS


2011 / 9 mins

A mother dead in the kitchen, a father with blood on his hands, not all is what it seems.


Director: Dan Gitsham

Producer/Art Director: Sophie Mair

Writers: Dan Gitsham & James Driver

Cast: Anthony Head & Lisa Backwell 

Short film commissioned by South West Screen & The UK Film Council.

'A perfect mix of blood and pathos, the destruction of the nuclear family has never been more perfectly illustrated (and married to Little Red Hiding Hood tropes!) than in Ella.' 



'...quite possibly one of the more perverse re-imaginings of Little Red Riding Hood I’ve seen' 



'Increased attention on cinematography and the gravitas of the veteran thespian go a long way towards making this tale of a man dealing with horror in the family stand out from the pack.' 



'...a gloriously messed up Red Riding Hood tale.' 



'...9 minutes of haunting beauty...' 


Festivals & Screenings

Worldwide Short Film Festival 2011, Canada
Puchon Fantastic Film Festival 2011, Korea 
Grossman Fantastic Film & Wine Festival 2011, Slovenia
A World of Shorts 2011, Canada
Concorto Film Festival 2011, Italy
MotelX – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival 2011, Portugal
Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2011, Sweden
Branchage Festival 2011, Jersey
Calgary International Film Festival 2011, Canada
Screamfest 2011, USA
Court Metrange 2011, France
Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival 2011, Belgium
Sitges Fantasy Festival 2011, Spain
Puerto Rico Horror Festival 2011, USA
Mayhem Horror Festival 2011, UK
Encounters Short Film Festival 2011, UK
Abertoir Horror Festival 2011, UK
Two Short Nights Teaser 2011, UK
ST Louis International Film Festival 2011, USA
European Short Film Festival Cologne UNLIMITED #5 2011, Germany
Exground Film Festival 2011, Germany
South African Horror Festival 2011, South Africa
Reggio Film Festival 2011, Italy
London Short Film Festival 2012, UK 
Prague Short Film Festival 2012, Czech Republic
British Shorts Film Festival 2012, Germany
Porto7 2012, Portugal
Omaha Film Festival 2012, USA
Landshut Short Film Festival 2012, Germany
British Short Film Week 2012, Romania
Dead by Dawn 2012, UK
Bradford International Film Festival 2012, UK
Dark Bridges Film Festival 2012, Canada
Do.See.Sound 2012, UK
XIII Corti Da Sogni International Short Film Festival Ravenna 2012, Italy
Limelight Film Awards 2012 (UK) 
FEST International Film Festival 2012, Portugal
Cryptshow Festival 2012, Spain
ARTMania Festival 2012, Romania
Minneapolis Underground Film Festival 2012, USA
Full Moon Horror & Fantasy Festival 2012, Romania
Cabbagetown Short Film Festival 2012, Canada 
Witney Film Festival 2012 (UK)
A Fright to Remember 2012 (UK)
Abertoir Halloween Cardiff 2012 (UK)
Killer Film Fest 2012, USA 
Horror Film Festival Molins De Rei 2012, Spain winner BEST SHORT ACTOR
XIV International Short Film Festival La Boca 2012, Spain
Filmets - Badalona Film Festival 2012, Spain
Showroom Shorts 2012, UK

Portobello Film Festival 2013, UK

Artfools 2013, Greece

Horrorthon 2013, Ireland

Short is Short 2013, France

Alternative Film/Video 2013, Romania

MUFF - Wizard Film Fest 2014 / Comic Con, USA