We also recut the film for the DEPICT 90 SECONDS short film Competition 2020 and renamed it 'WHO IS BILL'. Check it out here


2019 / 3 mins

A widow employs the dark arts to see her husband once more.


Cast: Roxanna Vilk, Chris Bianchi & Hugo Stanbury​


Writer/Director/Producer: Dan Gitsham & Sophie Mair

Art Director/Costume: Sophie Mair

Director of Photography: Tomoi Summers

Sound/Music: Dave Colebrook

Editor: Dan Gitsham & James Taggart

VFX: Matt Harris-Freeth & Neil Giles

Camera Assistant: Jack Hayter

Production Assistant: Kate Fairhurst

' 5 STARS Everything that the filmmaking duo tries in the film works so well. '


'If you’re an aspiring filmmaker or want to make your own horror short, watch this film!!!'


'...will haunt viewers longer then most high budget Hollywood horrors.'


' 9/10 BILL should be in everyone’s horror lexicon, as soon as possible. It’s bound to haunt you well past its short run time – and surprise viewers for decades to come.'


Find out about how this film was inspired by the Ghost in the ceiling our kids would talk to as infants in a interview with TWELVE CABINS

Festivals & Screenings

Encounters Short Film Festival 2019, UK

Mayhem Horror Festival 2019, UK

Cell Adore Short Film Festival 2020, UK

Slay Film Festival 2020, USA