We also recut the film for the DEPICT 90 SECONDS short film Competition 2020 and renamed it 'WHO IS BILL'. Check it out here

Find out about how this film was inspired by the Ghost in the ceiling our kids would talk to as infants in a interview with TWELVE CABINS


2019 / 3 mins

A widow employs the dark arts to see her husband once more.


Cast: Roxanna Vilk, Chris Bianchi & Hugo Stanbury​


Writer/Director/Producer: Dan Gitsham & Sophie Mair

Art Director/Costume: Sophie Mair

Director of Photography: Tomoi Summers

Sound/Music: Dave Colebrook

Editor: Dan Gitsham & James Taggart

VFX: Matt Harris-Freeth & Neil Giles

Camera Assistant: Jack Hayter

Production Assistant: Kate Fairhurst

' 5 STARS Everything that the filmmaking duo tries in the film works so well. '


'If you’re an aspiring filmmaker or want to make your own horror short, watch this film!!!'


'...will haunt viewers longer then most high budget Hollywood horrors.'


' 9/10 BILL should be in everyone’s horror lexicon, as soon as possible. It’s bound to haunt you well past its short run time – and surprise viewers for decades to come.'


Festivals & Screenings

Encounters Short Film Festival 2019, UK

Mayhem Horror Festival 2019, UK

Cell Adore Short Film Festival 2020, UK

Depict Short Film Competition 2020, UK (Who is Bill?)

Slay Film Festival 2020, USA

FilmOneFest 2021, USA (Who is Bill?)

Midwest Sci-Fi Short Film Festival 2021, USA

Mastic Beach Mini Indie Fest 2021, USA

3rd International Strasburg Film Festival 2021, USA

Horror On Sea Film Festival 2022, UK